Eye Enhancements

eyelinerCreating the perfect eyeliner has never been an easy task.

Recreating to look the same the next day is even harder. Having semi permanent eyeliner applied either subtly or strikingly can create a dramatic result which can really make a difference.

Eyeliner helps open up your eyes and enhance your lashes, meaning you looking stunning every day. This treatment is fabulous for women who visit the gym and don’t want to wear makeup, which smudges, ladies who are fair and have fair eyelashes or women who simply want a defined, dramatic look.

Features Beauty offer two different type of eye enhancement treatments.

  • LASH ENHANCEMENT – a very fine live implanted right along the lash line which is both discrete and fine for a very natural look.
  • LUSCIOUS LINER – a more defined line which can range in thickness to suit an individuals requirements. Very thick liner can often take several treatments to achieve, as the eye cannot be over worked. The results however can be breathtaking.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.
Eyeliner Price
First Procedure £195
Top Up
Top up is should be performed between 5 – 12 weeks.
Full Top Up
Semi Permanent Makeup lasts between 12-18 months. If you come back within 18 months, Finola will top up your makeup for half price.
To book your Semi Permanent Make Up with Finola, either give us a call on 01252 913838 or contact us through the form below.