Eyebrow Enhancements

Finola uses a precision technique, creating beautiful eyebrows to suit each individuals needs. Semi Permanent Eyebrow makeup uses advanced colour matching and delicate implantation of pigments create bespoke eyebrows which will transform your face.

The results can be simply amazing. The length, depth and shape of your eyebrows don’t only make you look younger but save time, hassle and stress every day.

We offer three different techniques of implanting the pigment into the skin to suit your needs.

  • BLOCK BROW – this is a very bold, very defined, block coloured brow. It involves creating a beautiful shape, which is then outlined and literally coloured in a block colour. It is suitable for young women who usually pencil on their eyebrows darkly.
  • POWDER BROW – the powder brow is the most popular method of implantation. The powder brow involves beautiful hair stroke application throughout the brow top create a perfect shape. Finer, slightly lighter hairs are then created in between the strokes to create a natural, fabulous finish.
  • HAIR STROKE BROW – the hair stroke brow is perfect for women who may have suffered from alopecia, have sparse hair, are fair or want a very natural look. Its creates a stunning final result with precision hair stroke placements which look very natural once healed.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.
Eyebrows Price
First Procedure £195
Top Up
Top up is should be performed between 5 – 12 weeks.
Full Top Up
Semi Permanent Makeup lasts between 12-18 months. If you come back within 18 months, Finola will top up your makeup for half price.
To book your Semi Permanent Make Up with Finola, either give us a call on 01252 913838 or contact us through the form below.